Lake Fyans 04/02/2017

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Re: Lake Fyans 04/02/2017

Postby Redhunter » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:34 pm

Weedle wrote:
Redhunter wrote: maybe try around the wall next time. It's the deepest part of the lake, being 5-6m deep (depending on water levels) if you put in a good cast.

Where about was the wall located? we were inbetween the two boat ramps. When looking out at the lake, the Caravan was on the left hand side of us

It would have been to your left mate. Go for a bit of a drive along the dirt tracks that go round the lake (might be kelleys beach rd, can't quite remember) and you should find it easy enough. You park one side of the wall, and walk over the top to fish it. Good luck!

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