Fishing report - RIP to Torquay

Point Lonsdale Pier, Lorne, Barwon Heads, Torquay, Aireys Inlet, Angelsea, Ocean Grove
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Fishing report - RIP to Torquay

Post by PhilN » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:14 pm

Ok - late report. Umm’d and arr’d about submitting it.
Last Saturday launched at Sorrento at first light. Two quick drifts nearby for 7 squid including a few lollipops (they are usually too big)
Out to the Rip for the last of the flood tide. The water was green and dirty but had a look around. Definitely kingies hanging around the top of the edges but I couldn’t temp (Jigs, live squid, strips). Angry angry man forced me way over to the side just as I marked a good patch and I’m glad he did....I was ~300m away from the wake of this ship and it still came over the front of the half cab.
Anyway - I was on a mission - two bucket list items - Charlemont reef and Torquay FADs
Went to Charlemont reef - great structure! Had a quick troll with squid strips but the water was dirty as. Would of loved getting closer to the breakers but I was by myself so played it safe.
Off to the Torquay artificial reef. The water turned blue past Ant Spit which was a good sign.
Had Torquay artificial reef mostly to myself. Great initiative but miles from a decent boat ramp......
Disappointed to see that despite the announcements they still hadn’t put in the FADs. Anyway - the place was bait fish heaven! Once over the bait balls dropped the Sambiki rig. 5 a pop every time! Many foul hooked - that’s how thick they were. Yakka, Slimeys, Salmon. Had one small rat king follow up the bait and sounded bigger fish hanging off the bait balls. Dropped a live Yakka for no results.
Back towards the heads for the next slack (end of the ebb). Trolled a slimey in close on the way but the water was dirty as.
Got to the Rip and bait fish busting all round me. You beauty! Casting poppers, stick baits etc - nothing.....I’m looking down and I can see these fish but nothing’s chasing them....Maybe they’re feeding...Dropped the Sambiki and straight away 5 baby couta...the place was full of them....
One of those days - caught heaps of bait fish - no kingies. usually hard to get the lives. Bass Strait is warm - hopefully cleaned up by now and blue.
They are there......

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Re: Fishing report - RIP to Torquay

Post by Nude up » Thu Dec 28, 2017 12:15 am

Great read pity non on the chew

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Re: Fishing report - RIP to Torquay

Post by smile0784 » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:12 am

Good read

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Re: Fishing report - RIP to Torquay

Post by Lightningx » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:58 am

Better luck with the kingies next time. At least you got plenty of fresh bait :thumbsup:

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