Tough few hours in a small tannin river....

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Re: Tough few hours in a small tannin river....

Post by azkay » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:18 am

Adrian, love your report and photos as always, thanks for sharing! It may have been asked before but quick question..
I've been doing quite a bit of my fishing alone as of late, whether its on the boat or trecking, so i've become a little bit more aware of the safety side of things. What kind of precautions do you take when heading off on these new paths? Is there always full phone reception where your located? It may not always be something serious but i'd imagine even something small like a sprained ankle could make it nearly impossible to back track up the hill in the first photo? Not doubting for one minute that your fully prepared, just curious how the fishermen that do this stay safe and in touch..

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Re: Tough few hours in a small tannin river....

Post by meppstas » Tue Oct 17, 2017 2:07 pm

Hi Az & thanks mate, I'm always cautious with my off road ventures into the bush and knowing where I am is always important as it's quite easy to lose one's sense of direction once in the thick scrub when bush bashing to get to a river.. I've been lucky enough not to have injured myself where it's been a serious problem apart from a torn hamstring a couple of months ago... My main concern is my lower back & left hip as they're not in the best condition as I have a bone disease in the hip and now in the lower spine.
My wife went and picked up a PLB before the start of this trout season to take with me on my trout fishing trips as a safety measure just in case the worst does happen such as a fall, back or hip goes on me, sprains or even a tiger snake bite.. The latter being what could happen as I do come across quite a few Tiger snakes on my river fishing and have stepped on a few too. The PLB also has GPS and once set off my location can be found to within one meter of the beacon. I had been thinking of getting one for several years but always let it go because of the cost of the PLB, but now I can see it is value for money especially when fishing alone all the time as you really don't know what can happen on the day. Not only that, if there's more than one fishing with you there's nothing to say something won't happen to them either.. Phone reception where I fish is very limited too.. Some areas are fine but once in the valleys etc there's nothing at all.. So I'd recommend you invest in a PLB with GPS if you're going to keep fishing alone for sure.. I have mine on my waders waist belt so it's with me at all times..

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Personal Location Beacon with GPS...
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