Upper Mersey gives up a few more trout..

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Re: Upper Mersey gives up a few more trout..

Postby smile0784 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 10:10 am

meppstas wrote:Thanks guys... :thumbsup:
The fishing has been a little tough of late due to so many insect hatches, trout are mainly surface feeding now which makes it tough for spin fishing.
Still good that I'm picking up a few at the moment, no "donuts" yet so far this season, though I have come very close to it a couple of times.. February onwards things should pick up for the spin fisher.. The trout have all been in top condition this season which is good..I've seen quite a few Cormorants on the Mersey & Meander Rivers over several trips and this doesn't help the trout fishing either. :down:


You probably just jinxed your self now lol.
Keep up the good reports mate

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