Took a dive & drowned another camera..

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Re: Took a dive & drowned another camera..

Post by davek » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:12 pm

purple5ive wrote:
Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:12 pm
you need a panasonic lumix series camera, they are waterproof, so no more problems with unexpected swims.
Yep, time to look for a waterproof camera, the way you are killing off those Canons they'll be extinct, :) cheers davo
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Re: Took a dive & drowned another camera..

Post by smile0784 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:13 pm

meppstas wrote:
Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:30 pm
Took a dive & drowned another camera.

With the weather being humid & very heavy cloud cover I thought a trip to the Mersey River may be well worth it. I love fishing in humid conditions as it always seems to get the fish up and running. I was in the river by 6:10 am and the water was like glass, not only that there were a few trout on the rise in several areas on the river. I decided I'd fish the fast water to start with before working my way up through a long slow flowing stretch of river. After that I would be back into the fast water runs again and that's where it will be my best chance of catching a few trout. The first stretch of fast water I fished didn't give a yelp, not a sign of a trout, the slow flowing water wasn't any better either. It hasn't given up all that many fish this season so I bypassed the majority of it, though I did have a couple of follows from medium size browns.
1 6.10 am Mersey River (Medium).JPG
2 cross over here to retrieve snagged lure. (Medium).JPG

The slow flowing stretch was getting a little deep so I had to get out & do a bit of bush bashing to reach an area where I could get back in and wade again. As I bush bashed my way along the river bank I managed to get my foot hooked up on a tree branch in the deep grass etc, that sent me sideways and straight into the river. Thankfully it was waist deep but still deep enough to saturated me and get enough water inside the waders to wet me all the way to my feet. The wader belt did stop the water getting though to my pants etc, my Canon camera which was my main concern. I quickly grabbed the camera and shook the hell out of it to get rid of as much water as possible. I had nothing to dry it with because I was wet from head to toe so all I could do was shake it and blow on it. I hit the on button and it turned on, then I hit the photo button and it worked before it shut down on me. It was then I thought my little $330 Canon cameras days were over and done with.
4 Had a couple of follows here. (Medium).JPG
6 More bush bashing ahead of me. (Medium).JPG
7 Fell in ten meters upstream of here. (Medium).JPG
8 Photo taken from a drwoned camera. (Medium).JPG

With my spin session now done & dusted it was a mad thirty minute dash back to the car and once there I put the camera on the dash and put the heater on and the fan on high in the hope that would dry it. I didn't even get out of my waders, just jumped in and headed for home which was around fifteen minutes away. Once home I had a quick change of clothes, grabbed Pam's hair dryer and gave the camera a few minutes of warm air. It, did the trick, the camera worked, apart from a couple of small water spots on the inside of the lens. I took a couple of photos of my lures & lures boxes drying out as well as a short video report and all was good with it.. One thing I do remember clearly is when I got out of the river I just cracked up laughing at what had just happened.. Even as I wrote this report I'm still chuckling over what happened this morning. I've since tried the camera several times again only to find it has gone backwards as isn't working at all.. It is knackered, totally stuffed so a new one is now required and once I get the new one it will be placed in a waterproof camera bag...
** The two photos below were taken with the camera after I dried it, not long after this is when it tossed in the towel..
9 Drying out the lures & lure boxes. (Medium).JPG
9 Drying out the lures. (Medium).JPG

Great report again
Not good about camera.
Glad your ok

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Re: Took a dive & drowned another camera..

Post by mazman » Tue Feb 12, 2019 3:02 pm

If you drown another camera in the rivers, take the battery out straight away and try to dry it as soon as possible. I've saved a couple by putting them in front of the heater on full in the car on the way back and then into a big bag of rice (inside a pair of thermals to stop the rice going into the body of the camera) and leave it in the rice for as long as possible and then after that pop the battery back in and see if you saved it. Some recommend putting it in de-ionised water first as well.
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