Better Boat Ramps, Free Parking And More Fish For Victorians

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Re: Better Boat Ramps, Free Parking And More Fish For Victorians

Postby Bayrock » Fri Nov 02, 2018 11:25 am

ducky wrote:
Bayrock wrote:
ducky wrote:
Bayrock wrote:All of these rosy plans will mean pretty much nothing if the WP biosphere is destroyed by the plans AGL have for Crib Point.
THIS should be the issue victorian voters take to the next election

Yeah but ppb is getting pretty healthy these days. So it’s all much of a muchness.


So it's OK if WPB is wrecked as we still have PPB? How do you work that out?

I thought the /troll bit would be enough to communicate I was taking the p1ss.

I’m in full agreeance with you. The AGL deal seems putrid. 450 million litres of sterile cold water pumped into the bay per day (180 Olympic sized swimming pools worth) even better is when it washed up and down the north up and doesn’t go anywhere (potentially, agl themselves don’t know the effects)

Be interesting to see what the results of the environmental impact study are when it’s finalised.

No worries mate
I just get fired up as **** about this issue as it's pretty much flying under the radar as far as the public is concerned

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