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Re: land based spot around altona

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:35 am
by barra mick
Ploh wrote:
barra mick wrote:
Nude up wrote:
CarlG wrote:
Nude up wrote:If he is scared of your boat he is welcome on mine mick and I have lifejackets

Is it the boat, or the manner in which it's driven, do you think..?

Lol he is probably scared of mick in his alby mangel shorts

my sister has been showing him the croc bite on the boat...its scared him a little to much.

ended up taking him to catch bream in the werrible river


Good choice. Did you guys get into anything?

Also didn't know about the squid thing in Altona. Is it common to get squid though?

yes bream.

mostly small but he didnt care as long as he was catching fish.

cheers bm