How to prepare and cook your catch.
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Re: Chips

Post by VooDoo » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:27 pm

blacklab99 wrote:Hey Tex,
She's got me on a health kick Mate !
A packed rye bread lunch, full of product that was once growing wild !
Cant find my beloved white sugar anywhere in the house, that and the salt has changed colour !
Then you put a post up about " to chip or not to chip"
Tex, either personally sculptured, or the variety that requires defrosting, would be like my first beer at the minute !
Oh, and I forgot about the mate, who calls in for lunch every now and then, and brings Vietnamese soup and flavoured waffle bread ! LOL
get either while ya can Tex, both are a distant memory for me my friend !

Hey Col, tell that mate fellow of yours to go back to where he comes from - why on earth he would offer those to you knowing full well you've previously hugged sheep to keep warm in the land further south (apologies to everyone else - only direct this comment at Col). Next time that fellow come down for lunch and brings his foreign soups and flavoured waffles, give me a buzz and i will bring you down some rye bread or 99 seeds breads so you could swapped for those foreign noodles and waffles. But i will warm you - the fat in those dishes will kill you eventualy (please amend your will to have the boat in my name - PLEASE!!)

On a serious note - me like my shoestrings best after it is reheated in the air fryer. On the topic of air fryer, found it to be just a warmer/reheater of your fried stuffs - doesn't taste the same without the chips being deep fried first. Guess this will not bring Col's distant memories of chips (sculptured or otherwise) back any time sooner :)

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Re: Chips

Post by blacklab99 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:03 pm



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