AKS Coffs Comp 2017 report

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AKS Coffs Comp 2017 report

Postby cheaterparts » Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:12 am

6 of us headed up to Coffs Harbour to do the last round of the AKS off shore comps this being the closest to home

leaving around 11 pm Thursday the 25th of may arriving in Coffs in time to hit up motackle for some goodies and off to the caravan park to find our cabins

Sat morning after making a few wrong turns we found the Venue at Diggers Beach set up and chatted will the locals and some from further north then signing in and a some pep talk we were off
Diggers surf beach was a simple enough launch and the two main bait ground fairly close in I had no problem finding Slimmies with 1 full string on the sabiki almost straight away
4 in the bait tube and 2 rigged I was off to cause havoc - that was being the next problem although I did pick up one Cod at 43 cm so some points

day 2 again slimmies were easy to find one taking the interest of a 78 cm Mack Tuna and another a small black tip reef shark both returned and the only other fish was a 38 cm Bonito on sabiki gear that was a bit of fun these small fish do act up on light gear

as it was Jamie ( one of our crew ) picked up 6 th place with a Mack and Long tail - we were pretty happy with our results as none of us had even seen the venue before day one

heres the Seasherpa report https://seasherpakayaks.wordpress.com/

below is Paul Pallets Vid - he is one of the local guys and a better than fair fisho


this is a little long but Rod Vid is also pretty good - both show how addictive this kayak fishing is

My kayak PBs
Gummy shark 128 Cm - Elephant fish 85 Cm - Snapper 91 Cm - KG Whiting 49 Cm - Flathead 55 Cm - Garfish 47 Cm - Silver Trevally 40 Cm - Long Fin Pike 41.5 Cm - snook 64 Cm - Couta 71 Cm - Sth Calamari 40 Cm hood


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