Fins 40G braid.

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Fins 40G braid.

Postby April Fool » Fri Nov 09, 2018 9:35 am

Has anyone used it? Hi peoples, I have already purchased a couple spools of this braid as I have a few reels to spool up. So why am I asking about this braid if I already have it? I purchased it to go on a couple baitcasters. I have other brand braids as well that I will be trying out. I have baitcasters ranging from a Shimano Aldebaran to a Calcutta Conquest as well as cheaper ones. I also have spin reels that need spooling. I am not after suggestions for other options to try but in a nutshell...if someone has first hand experience with 40G and do not think it is that good a braid, I will put it on a cheaper baitcast that may not be used as much. If it is a good braid, it will end up on a reel that will be used frequently. Or if it is suited better for spin reels etc...I am happy to hear people's experiences.

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