The Bonney Upwelling

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The Bonney Upwelling

Post by Wolly Bugger » Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:30 am

Whilst looking at caravan parks in Portland, I saw this brochure about the Bonney Upwelling. ... ing_System ... stival.pdf

Wolly Bugger wrote:Whilst looking at caravan parks, I saw this brochure about the Bonney Upwelling.

wrote:The Great South Australian Coastal Upwelling System is a seasonal upwelling system in the eastern Great Australian Bight, extending from Ceduna, South Australia, to Portland, Victoria, over a distance of about 800 kilometres (500 mi). Upwelling events occur in the austral summer (from November to May) when seasonal winds blow from the southeast. These winds blow parallel to the shoreline at certain areas of the coast, which forces coastal waters offshore via Ekman transport and draws up cold, nutrient-rich waters from the ocean floor.[1]:9–10

Because the deep water carries abundant nutrients up from the ocean floor, the upwelling area differs from the rest of the Great Australian Bight, especially the areas offshore of Western Australia and the Nullabor in South Australia, which are generally nutrient-poor. Every summer, the upwelling sustains a bountiful ecosystem that attracts blue whales and supports rich fisheries.[1]:25[2]:1

The Great South Australian Coastal Upwelling System (GSACUS) is Australia's only deep-reaching coastal upwelling system, with nutrient-enriched water stemming from depths exceeding 300 metres (980 ft).[3]

Recently, a new upwelling centre has been discovered on the western shelf of Tasmania.[4] Since this new upwelling centre is located outside South Australian waters, the entire upwelling system should be rather called the Great Southern Australian

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Re: The Bonney Upwelling

Post by Texas » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:41 pm

Interesting article, that one.
As you can tell Patrick Bonney has little imagination or creativity, so we're stuck with the name.
Just like a tornadoe, though quite weak, it sucks the bottom & deposits it on or near the surface.
Surely there's a better name than "upwelling".

Just saying

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