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For a fraction of the price of your annual recreational fishing licence, Premium Membership gets you:
  • Access to the Premium Member's section of the Fishing Victoria Forum which contains exclusive content not available on the general forum, such as:

- Recommended fishing locations and hotspots!

- Savvy advice along with proven tips and tricks from experienced anglers.

- Special access to exclusive competitions 
and raffles with awesome prizes!

- A Premium Membership badge under your username. (Just send a PM to Admin if you want your old  fish rank instead.)

  • You also gain increased forum functionality , this includes :
                    - Store up to 1000 Private Messages (PM's). You no longer have to clear your inbox to receive new PMs.

                    - Personalise your forum posts with a signature. This can contain text, an image and a link.

                    - Ability to add a poll to an existing thread of your own, at any time.

                    - Larger Avatar file size: Avatar file size can be up to 40kb.

                    - The ability to change your username.

                    - Start new topics in the "For Sale" and "Wanted" Classifieds forum.

  • Less Ads! - Advertisements will be disabled in forum topics between all posts.The only ads that you will see on the site are on the Homepage Portal, at the top of the site in the header, and right down the bottom in the footer of the site. (Similar to this page)


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