Glenelg River - Going This Week

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Glenelg River - Going This Week

Post by Bugalugs » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:11 pm

Hi Folks,
I'm heading down to the Glenelg on Wednesday for 6 nights with a couple of mates.Fingers crossed we get a few bream and perch and maybe even get a mulloway or two (I realise you have to put the hours in for them though)
I'm just wondering if I was to pump some pod worms, I guess the best spots would be down near the sand flats and the mouth? We've got some there in the past but it was damn hard work. I think the musk duck swimming around me got more than I did.
Besides the Spot On Fishing Report, has anyone else had any reports?
We've got a tinnie and staying in Nelson, so we've got plenty of options.
Unfortunately it seems the pub is still closed, so there goes a couple of meal options, although I heard the Roadhouse is doing meals on a Friday evening. (just not the beers you'd get at the pub)

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

I'll send a report when we get back


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Re: Glenelg River - Going This Week

Post by croe04 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:50 pm

Me and a mate camped the glenelg river for 5 nights last year, nice part of the world. Didn't do heaps of fishing, hiked about 55kms of the great southwest walk. All of the fishing was done near forest camp south, the night we stayed there got 3 decent bream between us. Found success by casting plastics and hardbodies near overhanging trees and other cover around mid-day and evening.

Saw an OzFish episode where they were catching jewies near Nelson, but as you said looks like a lot of work.

But, I will warn you in spring the glenelg river is leech central, we only got one night of rain there but we got attacked throughout the trip. Be sure to tuck your socks into your pant lets, use lots of aeroguard and check hot places on your body like groin, back of your knees and armpits every so often. My mate woke up with a blood soaked pillow one morning because 2 had gotten into the tent and latched onto his scalp. They're become more prevalent as you get further up the river, especially at this one rest spot with a ditch full of still water, that place was the mecca of leaches.

Otherwise, Camping in glenelg is great fun, I'd love to go back again. Hope you get onto some fish.

John Dory

Re: Glenelg River - Going This Week

Post by John Dory » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:54 pm

I camped there with a couple of mates earlier this year, my mate got a 10kg gummie off the beach. Have a crack down there as well.

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Re: Glenelg River - Going This Week

Post by magpie_mick » Tue Sep 17, 2019 9:47 am

Check out this report ... page_id=11

We used to get worms on the beach at Port Macdonnell when I was a kid. Used them to catch mullet (mud flat opposite "Nelson streamside reserve") for live bait.

Good luck!

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