Cornacarpio's Cumulative Carp Culling Caper

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Re: Cornacarpio's Cumulative Carp Culling Caper

Post by Lightningx » Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:33 pm

A couple of nice sessions mate.
Well done!
Cheers 👍🏻

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Re: Cornacarpio's Cumulative Carp Culling Caper

Post by Cornacarpio » Mon Apr 05, 2021 7:07 pm

Got this Carp on the 7th of March from the local creek.

As daylight saving has ended I think I might call it quits for this 'season'. As it cools down and the days get shorter the Carp get harder to catch. I probably won't be heading out until the end of the footy season - but we'll see. 'Never say never', as they say.

Not the best season by any means, but I started the season on FIYA with plenty of plus size models early on and I discovered a lot of new spots (mainly due to acquiring a car), even if I wasn't always able to 'convert'. Losing my rod at Warrandyte was also a highlight in a perverse sort of way (that seems to be the turning point when my luck seemed to change for the worse - I'm scouring the Aldi catalogues and waiting for the telescopic Shimano Eclipse rods to come back - my 'lucky' rod!).

Sometimes life, covid, lack of motivation or just plain bad luck got in the way. A Yarra Carp continues to elude me, so I will have to roll that goal over to next seasons list of ambitions. I'm at the stage now were I'm not particularly worried about the amount if Carp I catch, but just enjoying getting out when I can and trying new spots.


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P.S. While I'm in a reflective mood, I've got a couple of confessions to make. I'm not proud of them, and certainly wouldn't advertise them on my resume, but:
- I went to Lake Burrumbeet twice this summer and never caught a thing!
- I spent the best part of a week at Berwick Springs last week and didn't catch a fish Carp!
- A Yarra Carp continues to elude me, and believe me I've tried - several times!

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